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Aspire for Humanity Initiatives is an non-profit organization based in Portland - Maine, USA, that strives to build better communities by providing youth with ways to come together as friends, neighbors, and citizens and create a firm foundation that enables their communities to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Aspire for Humanity Initiatives is currently working in Greater Portland area – Maine, USA; and in Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo – Africa Great Lakes Region.

In Maine, our goal is to reach out to areas where the immigrant youth is struggling to succeed in, such as education, employment, family life or other areas of life. The aim is to educate, inspire, counsel and mentor by giving them the tools needed for succeeding in this great country of opportunities.  Giving them a sense of belonging and a place to recover and refresh themselves that will shape their present and future lives.

In Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi - Africa, Aspire for Humanity Initiatives is working with local communities and other stakeholders on different initiatives that help empower the youth. Areas of intervention are (i) Community empowerment, (ii) Sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation, (iv) Education and (iii) Youth empowerment. At Aspire for Humanity Initiatives we believe that in order to treat the root cause of poverty and wars which lead to population displacement, a society, especially one that has undergone such adversity as the people of Burundi and DR Congo, must be supported, with respect to all aspects of human life and needs for a sustainable development.

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